ideal diode in parallel with multiple battery


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I've a wiring question , it is not really solar application but I use the same technology, so maybe you can help me.
I need to put 5 battery (56V 100A peak) in // to power 5 motors in //.
I want to use ideal diode system to put the battery in // to prevent a current feedback if the battery have not the same voltage output.
My question is this one :
At the input of the diode (from battery) my wire is 10AWG , the motor is 10AWG too .
Between the output of my diode and the input of the motor , what size of wire I've to use ?
Everything is in // but should I calculate a wire for 5*150A peak , it is freaky awesome !!!!:sick:

Thanks for your help

Bud Martin

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You should show us your wiring diagram on how you plan to do it.
Spec and info of the 'Ideal Diode'?
Also think as to what will happen if one, or two , or three of the batteries drop out, that means the other two batteries will have to handle the load current, which in that case the wires have to be bigger to handle the extra current.