Ideas for temporarily transferring PV power?


Solar Enthusiast
Oct 10, 2021
So I am adding a lean to to my shed... I will be installing four, 3s strings... 250 w, 37.1 VOC, a little less than 9 amps... So each string would have a voltage of between 90 and 110 volts(total of 3000w)

Eventually I will be running these to a charge controller that is hooked up to a 48 volt battery Bank in the house that we are building... For that I will simply dig a trench and run a line from the shed to the house but we're a year or two away from that being ready

In the meantime I would like to be able to temporarily run individual 3s strings to my RV which is on 12 volt.. I have multiple charge controllers to handle each 3s string

What I'm looking for is a temporary connection that could carry the power but also hold up to the environment.. I figure for the specifications I could use an outdoor rated extension cord between 10 and 14 gauge.. and possibly some type of connector in fact I don't see why I couldn't just use a normal 110 volt power connector? Anyway looking for ideas I just needs to be easy to hook up and temporary

Don B. Cilly

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Aug 24, 2021
Mallorca ES
I've had a 25 mt. extension cord - rugged, but nothing special - lying in the sun and rain for years (like 5 or 6), I took it to the new house, it's still lying in the sun and rain, still works. It looks like this: