Inadequate concrete footers for EG4 Brightmount

This thread started out with the Bright Mount. The instructions do cover concrete. Sense I do have 3 of these types of mounts I can say they are very nice for the price rage of them how ever the complete system weight is around 100 lbs, holds 4 large panels with a total weight around 300 lbs. At 90 MP wind, any thing is possible. Your talking about tornado force wind. I like to be able to move mine around or inside the barn if bad weather is on it's way. The cost for my mount is reduced and is not permanent. Here in OH, any thing permanently affixed to the ground is considered a structure and is taxed accordingly to the SQ FT on your RE taxes you pay every year. I think the concrete pillars in my case would be best used with a hook in each to cable down my trailer frame if pored flush to the ground.
I considered a lumber based installation and even started buying hardware.

Then consulted with family and we decided the DIY look of lumber was more likely to raise eyebrows whereas concrete footers wouldn't.
I understand that but for me in my case, I live way off the road in a farming area and have a saw mill with the ability to saw what ever size timbers I wish. With some of my old farm implements sitting around I decided a different rout. People are finicky of what they see and the concrete should last longer than the panels and I agree it would look better. Just wanted to share.
I think any side walk would do as there not so heavy duty any way. Shoot, mine are mounted to wagons, there not going any where unless there is a tornado. These mounts are nice for the money but no commercial super structure in any means.