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Increased battery capacity?


Works in theory! Practice? That's something else
Sep 20, 2019
Key Largo
While I don't think the youtuber is purposefully misleading (he even caveats a few times with the "if the reports are true"), the research being reported on does sounds bogus, but thought I'd post it...because way cool if true.

This is cool.. We'll call it "Major Battery Breakthrough #21389"

You never know, the 21,389th battery breakthrough might be the real one..
Too good to be true is my guess. Concrete can be utilized to store heat energy though. Using a concrete floor or wall with adequate insulation on the exterior is something Dacian (from electrodacus) takes advantage off for his home.
Hmmm, not sure what to number this as it isn't a storage technology, it's a generation technology (energy from ambient heat, don't get too excited as it's more of a proof that it's possible than impossible (now we just need a way to reverse the heat death of the universe?))

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Battery Breakthrough #21393

Move over lithium-ion: Zinc-air batteries a cheaper and safer alternative​

A new, superior alternative has emerged in the world of sustainable battery systems​

21 thousand breakthroughs, and yet here we are using Lithium Ion batteries (includes LFP) for just about everything with NiMH and LeadAcid still fulfilling heavy duty stuff in tough conditions.

Battery tech has not changed in almost 30 years (since LiO became a thing), with NiMH and LA tech being almost 100 years old.
Ill believe it when i see it. Empty hot air for now.
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Ford Suddenly Halts Construction At EV Battery Plant Amid Republican Probe Over China Ties​

Ahead of President Biden's scheduled visit to Michigan on Tuesday to support the United Auto Workers on the picket line, Ford Motor Co. announced a pause in building a multi-billion battery factory in the state on Monday. This comes as Congressional Republicans investigate Ford's connections with a Chinese electric vehicle battery company.

"We're pausing work, and we're going to limit spending on construction at Marshall until we're confident about our ability to competitively run the plant," Ford spokesman T.R. Reid told The Detroit News on Monday.

Reid mentioned that multiple "considerations" influenced the decision. However, he did not specify whether the ongoing UAW strike, currently in its second week, was one of the main factors leading to the decision to shutter construction at the Marshall, Michigan, battery plant.

The Wall Street Journal said several Republican-led committees in the House have opened an investigation into Ford's deal with Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL), one of the world's largest EV battery manufacturers based in China, to manufacture battery cells.

Former US Ambassadors Peter Hoekstra and Joseph Cella, co-founders of the Michigan-China Economic and Security Review Group, were quoted by Fox News as saying:

"We applaud that the construction of this reckless deal has been halted.
"From the outset, Ford Motor Company, the State of Michigan, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and all other parties to it have been irresponsible in advancing this deal."
They continued:

"There was zero strict scrutiny or due diligence, concerns of our intelligence and national security agencies were ignored and mocked.
"The halting of the construction is the natural result of the consent of the governed being ruptured by government and business elites. With citizen activists, we are not relenting or letting our guard down. We will keep fighting against the Ford-CATL and Gotion deals until they are no more."
Many Michigan Democrats support the Ford-CATL deal, while Republicans oppose it.

On Sunday, ultra-liberal New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told CBS's Face the Nation that she intends to sell her non-union-made Tesla Model 3 for a union-made EV from Michigan. Notably, Tesla's are the most American-made EVs, a detail often overlooked by Democrats who prefer EVs from General Motors or Stellantis, which source their parts internationally. This only suggests some Democrats are prioritizing radical politics over their so-called 'climate change' and 'build back better' narrative.
Breakthrough #21399: Proton Battery

their new proton battery has an energy density of 245 watt hours per kilogram, ... This energy density rivals that of conventional lithium-ion batteries, which typically have an energy density of around 260 Wh/kg.

Because they use abundant and readily available materials, these batteries are both cheap and more environmentally... the production and usage of the batteries themselves generate almost no pollution. They don’t require the mining and processing lithium-ion batteries do, ...they’re easily recyclable.
You keep posting these "breakthroughs" but I do not see any of this becoming commercially viable.
In other words all of these "breakthroughs" are hot air.

How about this:
When these "breaktrhoughs" in battery become proven commercial reality, that are both sustainable from pollution angle and economically, and only then we start mass producing EV's and the like (While working on the grid problem).

Until that happens its all absolutely of no importance whatsoever.

PS: This "electric viking" that you keep posting is a known Tesla shill.

diy solar

diy solar