Installed Hoffman Combiner Box on 3s5p Array


Photon Sorcerer
Mar 21, 2020
For any system I've connected, I color code everything. Even when I used black in color positive wiring, I always add a inch or two of red tape at the terminous to document to the uninformed that these are positive wires.

I recently had to help a neighbor decommission his old solar system that had totally trashed his batteries because of a faulty controller. It was a total mismatch of any color wiring he had on hand at the moment. It was a nightmare.

I see though that you actually used a red wire for your positive buss, leading to the controller. What's the gauge? It appears to be a little light for carrying the combined amperage of all your strings.

All in all, it looks like a neat and tidy install, with good workmanship.


Solar Enthusiast
Nov 19, 2019
That is a great point that I hadn't thought about - definitely should be red-taped.

The wire coming off the busbar is a #6 THWN. The combined short circuit current of all 5 strings (only 4 shown here) is 47.5A - so we're good there :)