Integrating DIY LFPs with FLA and Adding Solar

I am not sure if this thread has been abandoned, but since I also have a Hatteras (58MY), I thought I would chime in.

Are you sure about the AH in your current 32 volt battery banks? Most Hatteras 53s have (4) 8 volt, 8D, 250AH LA batteries, wired in series to produce 32 volts, at 250AH in each bank. I never heard of anyone having 1000AH in their bank. I bring this up because you might be thinking you need to replace that level of AH unnecessarily.

I like your idea of replacing the house bank with 10 cells to produce 32 volts. I may do this when it comes time to replace my exiting LA. I recently set up a third bank with Lithium batteries to use with an inverter, and I left my existing 32 volt banks alone.

You mentioned needing to spend $2400 to replace the 32 bank. Most Hatteras owners that I know are dropping the 8D batteries and replacing them with 8 volt, 200AH, AGM Golf Cart Batteries. They are half the size and weight and you can get them for about $300 - half the price. They should be plenty powerful to turn over your 8v71s. I know people who start their 8v92s with them with no problem.

You also mentioned adding 2.5KW in solar panels to the flybridge. I am curious how you plan to do this. I recently added 400 watts to my hard-top flybridge. I have room for another 200 watts but that is about it. Are you doing flexible panels on the bimini?

In any case, good luck with the install.