Introducing the New & Improved Shenzhen Luyuan Technology Co.

Amy Wan (Luyuan)

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Dear Members of DIYSolarForum,

With the experience I gained while working with Shenzhen Xuba Electronic Co., which I am infintely grateful for. I was introduced to a group of very enthusuiastic and most helpul people which helped me to grow & improve my own knowledge which helps me to better serve our clients needs. I wish to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to the members of this DIYSolarForum for helping me to grow and to provide improved services to you and other enthusiasts.

When the opportunity to take over Luyuan arose and after much consideration my Husband and I decided to take the plunge and work towards providing an improved retail experience for our clients. This is indeed a very large step for us but we felt that we can make a significant difference for this community. As we are completing new supply contracts and aligning suppliers to meet our goal of providing a full "one stop shopping" experience. We believe in being able to provide all of the required components, tools and supplies used for battery assemblies. Please bear with us while we complete arrangements and begin to revamp the Luyuan Storefront.

Thank you to this Forum and all of the members.

Sincerely, Amy Wan & Nick He

To accomplish this, it has been a challenge and we are working dilligently to get everything in order as soon as possible to be able to begin offering more solutions / products. Our goal is to be able to provide the following in general terms while keeping our focus on the battery pack assembly and the immediately related materials:

Battery Cells: Bulk Commodity cells as well as properly Matched/Batched guaranteed cells with reports.

BMS (Battery Management Systems): To provide a well rounded selection of well known and accepted brands/models to suit the various use cases.

Accesories: such as additional busbars, battery pack casings, connectors, power supplies, chargers and battery testers and similar.

Pre-assembled, tested & guaranteed Quality complete battery assemblies. Assembled & tested in a Specialised Facilty.

Complete battery packs: This is a plan for the near future.

For our friends at DIYSolarForum, we offer an additional "special" as our way of saying thank you and show our appreciation. We have undertaken this entire venture largely due to the encouragement and positive feedback we have received from all of you over these past few months.

Please use this code: "DIYsolar" when placing an order.

Extra 2% off for all products,

free double busbars (including screws and washers),

free upgraded screws and nuts (for batteries with M6 Thread)


Amy Wan (Luyuan)

Solar Addict
Welcome Amy to the Forum, I am glad to see you join and introduce the New Luyuan to the membership.
You did forget one small item in your excitement to post your introduction, that is a Link to your Store. Understandable, it is bedtime for you.

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Hi,dear Steve,Yes, I am very excited to join the forum, and even can't fall asleep. Great thanks for your reminder, I did forget the store link.too excited!


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Hello Amy, I will probably have some questions for you in the future, but for now, I just want to welcome you to the forum.

Amy Wan (Luyuan)

Solar Addict
Thank you Amy, I will definitely look at your new store when it’s on line.
Dear CaseyB,Our store has been online now, its link:

Just in the near future, our products and our store will be upgraded.

For DIY related products, if you have any suggestions or recommendations, I would be very grateful for that!