Inverter powered by 240V/50A but sometimes 120V/30A


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Newbie here, and I am looking into future inverter options for a large-ish capacity motorhome (120v and 240v, clothes dryer, electric stove top, microwave, 3-4 A/C units, electric water heat, house fridge, etc). I'd like to have no issues using 8-12kW, at least for peak periods, whether it is connected by 240v/50A or 120v/30A shore power, or the 17.5kW generator, or on battery power, plus PV if daytime/sunny. It seems like most of the high capacity inverters want 240v, or the smaller inverters will only do 120v. When using 240v/50A shore power or the generator, it would appear that this is probably not a problem, but I am concerned about when having access to only 120v/30A shore power.

Would using something like a Quattro 10kva or 15kva 230V inverter, plus the autotransformer on the output be good idea? It seems like that combination is always lower cost than stacked 120v units set up for split phase output, but I am also curious because of the potential differences in these two inverter solutions when using 120v/30A shore power:

When encountering shore power that is only 120v/30A, would it be possible to use something like a 3kva step-up transformer to power the [230v] Quattro and just configure the Quattro to not exceed a certain amperage in this input? Would the output be limited in this case?

If using a pair of 5000kva 120v Quattros configured for split phase, will powering by 120V/30A be limited to 1 Quattro and therefore no 240V split phase?