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Is it safe to run PV wire through PVC conduit in wet ground?


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Feb 11, 2023
Atlantic Canada
Hi all,

I tried finding similar discussions to my seemingly mundane question but couldn't find any.

I want to add another ground mount array (I expect up to 500 VOC) and the only suitable place left on my property would require that I run PV wire (through PVC conduit) through wet ground. To be more specific:
  • after heavy rainfall, parts of the ground are riddled with temporary water puddles
  • part of the run would go through (or under) a trench drain that encircles our vegetable garden
  • when I dig holes in the ground, sometimes I'm hitting water at about 2 feet digging depth

Would it be safe to run my PV wires through PVC conduit at a depth of 2 - 3 feet despite the soil around it being prone to get 'marshy' quite often?

I guess another way to frame my question: is PVC conduit water-proof enough?


diy solar

diy solar