Is this routing of 2 lifepo4 in parallel okay (pic for clarity)


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Mar 28, 2021

Okay so i have 2 lifepo4 batteries each with their own bms and then i have connected the positive of each to the power switch with identical gauge and length wires i have also connected both of the negative poles to the shunt again all equal lengths. I have tested the inverter pulling 1450w and was able to see from the individual BMSs that each battery was giving equal amperage ~57 amps each (batteries were at 13.2v) this is not the traditional way to parrallel two batteries since each is "feeding" the system individual although they are also connected together at those points. so questions are- 1. Is this acceptable or will it result in one battery giving more juice then the other over time? 2. Should or could i add a jumper to the positive poles to connect the batteries poles directly together? this would essental make a triangle with the 2/0 wires running equal length to the swutch and a shorter 2/0 wire connecting the terminals. I hope this makes sense and i am looking forward to feedback.
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