It's like a jigsaw puzzle that could kill me (setting up my bus bar) - my thoughts make sense?

I went a little crazy with my copper bus bar. As I recall, my thinking was that if one fuse blew, I still wanted two cables going to the inverter. I should have just connected the cables to the studs on the fuse holders.

The blue box is the Victron BatteryProtect 65.

That makes sense, if you're running off just one fuse, still better to have two cables and more copper and less resistance for the remaining fuse.

Did you take the bus bar covers off for the photo, or do you not use them?
Off for the photo so you can see all my glorious mistakes. I do keep the covers on to keep myself from having sparky encounters from doing stupid stuff.

Well I doubt I'd be able to identify any mistakes if you made any. Besides, if it doesn't have a burn pattern or something melted in the photo, I'm not sure it counts as a mistake.

Thanks for sharing the photo. It's helpful to see this thing in use and wired up like that.