Jackery Explorer 500 BMS identify/replace


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Aug 30, 2022
Can anyone help identify the BMS in this Jackery Explorer 500 or a replacment. I've searched the part numbers on the board and browsed the usual suspects and haven't been able to find anything. For reference the part number: HTE042_BMS_P2, date: 2020-04-10, MARK2, chip part number: D502BB 507

My friend ran the unit below 10% (big no no, according to Jackery), charged it with the AC plug and "it won't hold a charge" or "it will only work while plugged in". When I inspected it one cell was severely out of balance (1.88v) while the rest were moderately out of balance(3.83v - 4.08v).

Fix 1:
I balanced the cells with an active capacitive balancer. The severely out of balance cell is at 3.81v while the rest of the pack is at 3.83v.

Problem 2:
Same as Problem 1, it seems like the BMS isn't turning on it's output.

Fix 2:
New BMS with Balancing and Under Volage protection

Jackery cheaped out on the BMS, no good Under Voltage protection or Balancing


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Have you emailed Jackery re the BMS? Perhaps they can shed some light on a) the BMS and b) how to resolve the issue at hand.