Jayco camper "solar ready", should I use the wiring?


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Nov 18, 2020
I want to do something like 400 watts solar, on the roof, 2000 watt inverter (maybe an all in one) and 200ah LiPo batteries. The camper has "pre-wired cables" in a wall rated for 30 amps. I would have to cut a hole to see what is there. The electric panel and converter are in another wall, but also near the back. The shore power is in the back. The battery in on a tray on the tongue, and I would like to put the new ones there. What if anything, should I use of the prewire? other advice?IMG_20201027_160330.jpgIMG_20201027_155925.jpgIMG_20201027_160026.jpgIMG_20201116_170340.jpg


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Jul 10, 2020
30A should cover about 400-500W of typical 100W 12V panels if you parallel them. If you go with an MPPT controller, you could go hog wild with panels in series. You could easily do 1200W of 4S3P and keep it under 20A.


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Jun 3, 2020
The plug on the side is just a 10AWG wire that goes directly to the battery. It's intended for a suitcase solar panel that has its own solar controller, most likely PWM.

As for the interior location, there is no such thing as a flush mount MPPT SCC with concealed wires, to my knowledge. Anything else mounted on a wall next to your refrigerator or TV would be really ugly. The only controllers available that would be cosmetically acceptable in the intended interior location are flush mount PWM controllers, limited to 30A.

Flush-mount SCCs on Amazon:

The specifications GP gives to the trailer manufacturer are to use 10AWG from the MC4 roof gland to the SCC location and 8AWG from the SCC location to the battery. 10AWG probably is okay from panel to roof but 8AWG is probably inadequate from SCC to the battery. It definitely was inadequate for mine where the wire run was about 20'.

I had a similar solar option preinstalled on my Rockwood. It was a waste of money, for my plans. I salvaged the wire and roof gland and am repurposing them in a much more capable system I'm installing myself. In my case it's easy to run the wires directly down behind the door frame of a closet to an outdoor storage compartment directly below it. They're tucked behind the door frame and are completely concealed. LFP batteries will be located in the compartment next to the SCC and inverter, so wire lengths will be short.


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Sep 17, 2020
Jayco ran 8AWG from the roof MC4s in my Jayco North Point to the basement. There was 10+ feet of spare cable tied up next to my transfer switch. Wasn't long enough but a useful start. As mentioned, this is great for lots of solar in series.

Also confirming that solar on the side is irrelevant to panels on the roof.