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JK BMS Leads - Connecting to Previous Leads? Or complete rewire?


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Dec 19, 2022
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I'm ready to wire up my battery packs with JK BMSs and have a logistical question on most effective and easy way to do it. The battery packs were EV modules with each 6s13p unit having it's own onboard BMS. I removed the control boards but left the wiring harnesses on for now because I wondering what the best path forward is to connect the JKs. As I see it I have a couple of options that make the most sense but I would love some feedback.

Option #1 -- totally remove the existing wiring and reattach the JK via solder to the pouch cells

Option #2 -- remove the unwanted leads. leave the leads already soldered in place. Splice the new JK leads with the old leads.

Unless splicing the leads will lead to potential catastrophic failure I feel like it would be the path of least resistance and be most efficient. Am I wrong here? I've attached a picture to see how they are currently laid out. Goal is 3 packs together leaving the existing configuration to create a 55v bank


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