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JK BMS LEDs blinking


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May 16, 2024
Hi All.
I am setting up my first off-grid system and was suggested a JK BP2A16S20P BMS. I set it up and it looks like it works but 2 green LEDs are blinking.
The first and the last in the row.
I can not find the description of the LEDs anywhere on the internet or in the user manual. Just the table with the names ( ON/OFF, ALM, RUN... )
And only ALM has the BLINKING mode, but I guess that's the RED one.

Any help or suggestions appreciated!
Thank you!
Great. This is what I I guess slave/host is also blinking in my case. I will change the DIPSW and see if it has any effect .

Thank you very much
You need to set the BMS dip to 1 to be able to connect to the PC software and update settings and load firmware. Dip 0 will put the same software into parallel mode and you lose access to settings and loading firmware.
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