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Jul 5, 2020
Ok, so when I start piecing together the hardware for my battery build it seamed like JBD was what everyone wanted (4S battery) now that I am finally building my second battery everything I read is about JK.. is it worth getting a JK and not using my JBD? I do like the idea of 2Amp balancing, but other than that is there much difference ?

That's an interesting data point. I was considering swapping out my JBDs for JKs on a couple packs with runners just to get active balancing built in.

Are others experiencing significant failure rates with JKs?

that was my reason for thinking about JK also. 2amp active balancing instead of 200mA passive. I did buy a separate 5 amp balancing unit, but I thought I might be able to reduce the number of pieces.
I had JBD 200a 4s, no issues just disable “balance only when charging” it kept my 2s4p in check when it spent most of its time floating. Was is service for two years no issues.

I converted to 8s, and went with JK 200a, so far so good. Time will tell.