Leaf Modules testing with 24v equipment


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Nov 3, 2021
I picked up some old Leaf modules cheap, initially I just want to buy some cheap standalone chargers and inverters to play with a 3s (3s of the modules giving in effect 6s series giving ~24v) of the car style standalone type of inverters. Any reason not to use some cheap 24v Amazon inverters and chargers to test the batteries? Just want to test capacity and play around with a low capacity low voltage battery before I build the powerwall with them. Any pitfalls? I can afford to lose 3 modules I have 48 and right now plan is for a 42 module powerwall. I can't put the batteries together in 12V and there is a dearth of 48V gear for testing.

Voltage cut off seems ok on the inverter?


On the charger side I'm insure. I suppose I need a 25V cut off but most chargers I've found are unsuitable. If anyone has a recommendation it's much appreciated.