LFP battery 3 wheeler


New Member
Oct 5, 2021
I am presently using 48V 80Ah LFP battery pack for electric 3 wheelers that run traditionally on 4 - 12V 100Ah Lead acid batteries. I wanted to know the following-
1. Will use the of LFP battery pack impact the internal components like motor, controller, etc of the vehicle (Presently the motor power ranges from 900-1100 W)
2. How susceptible are LFP battery packs to internal damage/ reduced performance due to external factors like vibration, temperature, inefficient motors, etc. Presently, I have a warranty of 2000 cycles on the battery.
3. Is there any small scale equipment that I should use to monitor the battery pack and use a cell balancer to periodically balance the cells ? Right now I only use a multimeter to check the charge/discharge voltage .
Any guidance wrt the same shall be greatly appreciated.