LifePo4 end of life


Solar Enthusiast
Jul 10, 2020
Hi guys. I have been servicing a lot of lead/acid batteries in yachts over the years. Most of the time the customer changes his batteries before there is a catastrophic event. But occasionally I have seen lead/acid batteries that have had shorted cells that have caused extreme heat and in some cases damages to the boat when the batteries have been boiling dry.

So my thought is what is going to happen when a LFP battery reaches end of life. Will the cells eventually shorten and cause catastrophic events?

I’m sure most of the people on this forum will have changed the battery long before that happens.

I’m thinking more on the drop-in batteries that are sold to consumers that do not have a clue or the battery does not have a BMS that you can connect to. In best case the user have a Battery monitor for checking voltage and current.