LiFePO4 house battery -> DC-DC charger -> Tiny LTO battery for high current induction cooker


Solar Addict
First, the actual value of 1C depends on the battery. Yes, 1C at a 100Ah battery is 100A. But when using eg 2 batteries in parallel it's 200A (100A for each battery)

Also, with a single pack with higher capacity, the 1C value is higher (280A for a 280Ah set).
When using a single battery (independent of it's C rating) the BMS capacity might come into play as well. When using a 120A BMS with a 280Ah cell, the 1C max refers to the cells, but the BMS can't provide that.

Keep in mind that induction cooking is pretty efficient. The wattage indicated on the cooker applies to running it at full power. Usually, you're not running the cooker all the time at full power, but only eg to heat up the water.

So running for 30min will be (estimate) 5min at full power, and than 'only' at 30% capacity or so.

Yes, you need a decent battery bank, and proper terminals/wiring, but it can be done without major issues, even at a 12V setup.

I won't recommend using mixing various chemistries. Due to the voltages involved, LTO is a PITA to run a 12V anyway. And you would need seperate charging circuits to charge the LTO also.