Lifpo4 battery bank later expand with DYI 18650 blocks possible ore not ?


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Hi All a quick y/n question if they exist.
I´m considering to get a lifepo4 48V block and later expand my battery bank with blocks from a diy18650 48v
But is it possible without to many complications i´m mostly concerned about the charging side ?


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If you're talking Lithium NMC or other non-LFP 18650 cells, don't even try it. Their charge and discharge characteristics are too different.

LFP follows a FLA/AGM type profile with a peak voltage for 100% SoC charging followed by a "settling" to a notably lower voltage. Lithium NMC (3.6-3.7V) do not follow this. There is negligible voltage settling. This dissimilar behavior makes it essentially impossible to meaningfully combine them without likely damaging the LFP cells or risking fire with the NMC cells.

Better to DIY your own LFP.
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