Lion Energy Safari UT1200 deal at Costco (Ended)

Bob B

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That's a great deal with Costco backing it up .... They are saying 3500 cycles with 100% DOD on that battery.


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Just ordered 2 for my RV. I'm hoping that with that discharge rate I will no longer have to run the generator to use the microwave


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The PDF shows four in series and four in parallel. Does this mean you can only use a MAX of four batteries? I know the Kilovault's are rated for a maximum of sixteen for 48V.


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I don't think that's the max. From their FAQ under "Can you use it in series or parallel":

"...You can increase the Amps (A) and Amp Hours (Ah) up to 1500A and 1000Ah by connecting them in parallel (+ to + and - to -). "



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Bob I just got off the phone with Lion Energy. We can run parallel 48V system in parallel. She said her boss or the owner was doing this. I'm building garage (then house) in Cabo San Lucas. We don't have electricity yet and have to negotiate with neighbors and CFE (power) to get underground power to our properties. Crazy right??


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What protections does it have? Low temp cutoff? I can't find anything on their site describing protections.


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Per Katie from lion Energy ' Additionally, the Safari UT-1200 has an internal Battery Management System (BMS) that acts as a safety net to shut down the battery if it is out of parameters, this prevents the battery from overcharging or discharging as well as operating outside of the temperature range. Yes, the low voltage cutoff is 10V - once the batteries reach 10V the BMS steps in and shuts the battery down to not permanently damage the internal battery cells. Also, the battery does have a low/high temperature cutoff which are provided below.
Charging Temperatures : 32~113°F
Discharging Temperatures: -4 ~ 131°F"


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Looks like these batteries are now out of stock at Costco. Congrats to all who grabbed the deal and good luck with your projects.
Thanks again Bob142 for the heads up on these - I was considering a DIY setup but the sale price on these brought them down to at or below a DIY price. They appear to be well built with a solid BMS and warranty from a US company. I'm not concerned with the 90 vs 100ah issue and how they were marketed. I'm more concerned with parts and build quality. I grabbed 4 of them for my project


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Great to see this article. I bought a yeti 1250 with cart and the twin 30 watt panels and case for $800.
I am having my camper rebuilt so i thought this would be a great plug and play system for the camper.
The 240W max input is kinda a pain though. Currently trying to figure out how many panels i can get on
the pop top roof. And then how many of the 2/3 panels i can actually put to use. I have much more to learn.
I wish i could mod the 1250 with better inards as the case is awesome.