Lishen 270ah-272ah cell group buy.


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I have a good supply of Daly in stock in Michigan.
A good supply of JBD is on it's way to Michigan as well. Should be in stock in 2-4 weeks.
Any chance you could put up on the website or somewhere what BMS's and other items you have available stateside with prices... I've asked a couple of times in messages about BMS but I think you missed it and we can't order based on "a good supply". 😉


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Yeah, Chinglish. I hope the printing dept is seperate from the QA dept!
Kinda funny though. I was a VP for a local software company here in the US for a while, that was started by some very smart Chinese American citizens. Hard to understand, but damn they could engineer and code better than 99% of the US born employees. So I never usually worry about the tech from Alibaba.


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I was planning on getting a Overkill BMS for the 16 cell 48v 280ah battery I'll be building, but as far as I know it's 100 amps. Is there a recommended 48 volt, 200 amp BMS out there?


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The 200amp 2 amp active Heltecs are working fine for me, but they cost around $195 each.
The Daly 250 cost me $178 and that didn't include an active balancer. Debating what BMS to get if I order an additional 8 cells? Should I run two 8S BMSs or go 16S?


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One BMS manages one bank. Parallel banks (each with their own BMS) is better than parallel cells in a bank.

If I had a high current requirement, I think I would always go with two banks. I'd probably avoid Daly, but that's only because of comments here. Two 24V banks with two 100A JBD BMS's would be my choice. Gives you a total of 200A capacity, and a pretty darn good BMS for not much money.


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67 days since tracking number. FedEx still has it as “Pending”. 🥱
Some people know what ship their cells are on. They can track the ship. Doesn't get battery here any faster but it would be nice to know where the ship is. I'm about 55 days since tracking number.