Lishen 270ah-272ah cell group buy.


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My 230AH eves came in! Lol Michael gave me a FedEx number but UPS just dropped these off. Ordered in March, switched in June.

Definitely Chinese cells in a lot of ways (mismatched bottoms/barcodes layouts/terminal labeling, super slight budge on some, minor dings and dents) but WAY better than some of the horror stories we've seen with the other cells so not complaining. Voltage is good. Need to capacity test.

Pics here.

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This doesn't help things:

A record-breaking 44 container ships are stuck off the coast of California​

Same thing in texas; waiting on a shipment of lifepo4 5kwh from signature solar.


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Ordered Lishen 272's in February
Switched to...I'm not 100% sure - but something similar in MayJune (again, not sure)
Received a FedEx tracking number July 20
Cells showed up unannounced last night
I have not opened the boxes, they don't look chewed up, no obvious leaks

I'll document condition and first impressions this weekend, check voltages, and start balancing / capacity testing.

Edit to add:
My FedEx tracking number still has not gone active nor does it show delivery..I'll check it again in a few days to see if it ever updates
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Ordered 8 Ganfeng 280+ Ah through Michael June 14th, tracking June 19th, first box was delivered September 23rd (Ottawa, Canada). I haven't been out to see if there is damage, yet.
I too switched my order to 4- GFG 277 same time in June. I am just Outside Kemptville.

First box of two showed up Wednesday in good shape, well packaged, cells with etched QR code (not sticker) perfectly flat, no bulge, both at 3.264v.

I see UPS tracking that second box arrived today. I hope it is in same shape. Will see when I get home from work.

Feel bad about the CATL cells, but it looks like the “other” new vender that did the EV cells packaged them well.

To those waiting for EV or Genfang cells, it looks like this group of cells is arriving okay and as expected in terms of cells appearance .

Take me a few weeks to built cells and test them. I hope capacity comes out as promised but cells look shiny and brand new. (May 2021 mfg date).


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At this point, I think I might just get a refund and let the money collect interest until things straighten out. Looking at Signature Eg4 when they come in.


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A5AD040F-F361-435D-84AD-40EED09EECB5.jpegMy CATL 302 batteries have arrived. 15 out of 16 arrived in excellent condition. They have a 7/20/21 test date. They were very well packaged. One was damaged but this was likely due to handling as the box had heavy foam surrounding the batteries and the corners had reinforcement. The QRS codes are intact and they fit well together. The starting charges are either 3.32 or 3.33. Hopefully others will also have better results from now on.
First time was about 1.5-2 months ago.
I guess what I meant was when did you ask for a refund? I asked for a refund on Wednesday and haven’t heard from Michael yet. I used the address
The first time I asked for a refund was almost 2 months ago. I have been asking a couple times a week since then(pm’s). I also did ask via the new email address last week too.
ok, thanks. Maybe I’ll get mine soon.


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Tried all the current avenues of contact and nothing. So I went to the "CATL 271Ah cell issues" thread, where Michael seems to be the most active. He blew by my post and responded to other posts. Now granted, my question had nothing to do with the thread but I thought he might have saw it and responded in some way. Did this really blow up so big he has 1,000s of people who got in on the Lishen deal? I guess I just can't see how so many people can go so long without responses. Would be nice to at least see how big this pile of orders are.


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I finally gave up.

Late last year, my son and I purchased a total of 80 of the Lishen 272 AH cells from Michael. Those cells all arrived in a timely manner, and have been working well for us.

I ordered another 28 of the same cells last February. I paid Michael $93 per cell. Like everyone else, I never received them, and have been in the same darkness as everyone else. Reluctantly, I finally gave up on this order, and asked for a refund.

On 13 September I placed an order with Amy Peng at Shezhen Qishou for 28 EVE 280 AH cells. These were promised to ship from their US “warehouse” stock, to arrive within two weeks. I paid $135 per cell, including shipping. They were promised to be A-grade, tested, and with matched IR.

Those EVE cells arrived in less than two weeks, even with a strange FEDEX delay in transit. The cells arrived in perfect condition. Packaging was perfect. Cells are cosmetically perfect, with no dents, and no swelling. The terminal holes are all well centered and nicely tapped. (I have stayed with 6mm threaded holes because they are working fine for me, and I don’t have confidence in the welded terminals.) They each arrived charged to 3.295 volts exactly, with clear QR codes, intact vent seals, and with IR labels that match.

I was offered a quote for the same EVE cells from Shezhen Basin for $119 each, shipped from China, with 8 week delivery promise. However, I was so tired of waiting, and with on-going shipping delays, backed up port facilities, and growing concern about potential HAZMAT shipping complications, that I chose to pay the extra $16 per cell for fast delivery that was not dependent on ocean shipping. I have no regret.

I am very sad to read of all of the problems for folks who switched to the CATL or other replacement cells that Michael offered. I hope you all get fast and fair resolution.

Like so many others here, I have sent Michael many requests for refund on the Lishen cell order. Like others, I’ve received no response.

Edit: Because I already received PM requests for specific information on how to order, here are links to the AliBaba pages to receive price quotes for these EVE cells:

For these cells from Shenzhen Quishou:

For these cells from Shenzhen Basen:
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