Lithium-Ion Battery Pack 36v 12.8aH 460wH (lg18650mh1 3200mAh cells) Lightly used (under 40 cycles)


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Jan 14, 2020
Full description of all possible details:
Price: $75
Voltage: 36v (Max voltage - 42v Min voltage 30v)
Capacity: 12800mAh 460wH
Discharge rate: 40a continuous 60a peak
Wattage output: 460w continuous 700w peak
Charge rate: 2a
Charge voltage: 42vdc
Charge time: 4-6 hours
Condition: Lightly used, less than 40 cycles (tested with capacity tester)
Manufacturer: LG
Enclosure: No enclosure
Weight: 4.8lbs.
Dimensions: 16 inches by 3 inches by 1.6 inches
Cell holders: custom 40 cell holder, sturdy plastic
Connector: proprietary custom connector
BMS: Custom but locked. Can be uninstalled and replaced by a standard bms. There are ways to use the bms with a dongle that can be bought online, link can be provided upon request. It's cheaper to install your own bms. Can be installed by us for extra charge
Cycle life: ~800-1000 cycles of gentle use, 500-700 if used regularly
Amount of cells: 40
Configuration: 10 series 4 paralell
Cell manufacturer: lg
Cell model: lg18650mh1
Cell size: 18650
Cell chemistry: Lithium-Ion
Cell capacity: 3200mAh
Cell connection: 0.2mm pure nickel strips
Storage temperature: -15 ~ +35 ℃, humidity: 45-75%,
Operating temperature: Discharging 0-60 ℃; Charging 0-45 ℃;

Additional details:
Does not come with a charger.