Looking for 48 V DC relays

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Nov 28, 2019
I builld a 12 V UPS system and I used some relays to provide some remote contol of it.
I try now to build a 48 UPS system based on my 12 V design.
However, I have difficulty finding 48 V relays. Most of the relays that I found are 12 V or 24 V.

I'm suprised that I could not find similar 48 V relays because basically the only difference would be the coil.
I could build a small power converter using a Zener diode and a transistor, but it would be simpler using the correct relay.
I wonder is someone would have any recomendations for various relay sizes, see below the type of relay I used from Amazon.com:

51I2-mOkMBL._SL1200_.jpg 71Q0HiOA3VL._SL1500_.jpg 71fUNQrh-uL._SL1500_.jpg


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Oct 15, 2020
How many amps you need on the contacts? Just a quick search (in USA anyways), pulls up this:

48v 40a relay:

Not sure where you are at in the world, but perhaps you could find similar on Alibaba or AliExpress as well (if eBay USA is not good option for you)?

There are more options there on the eBay search I did:



Science Penguin
Jun 29, 2020
gigavac is one option

they are kinda pricey though. and basically out of stock.

but the specs on the mx12 are good, that’s the one i chose for chunky safety disconnect

they make a “minitactor” that is like 30A rated, that’s the only one that is lower amp afaik