Lorentz solar 3 phase pool pump


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Apr 24, 2022
I need help understanding what/how many panels I can hook up to my solar pool pump. The previous owners ripped out the solar panels when they put the house for sale but left everything else (pump, inverter, and combiner box). Now I’m trying to hook it back up but don’t know what/how many panels I can install. The Lorentz PS600 says:
PV Input Voltage 36-72V DC, nominal
PV Max. Open Circuit 150V DC
All the stats are in the attached pics as well as the pump:
HP 0.75
Amps 10
Volts 3 x 13-45V EC PWM
Also attached is a picture of some used solar panels in the area that I’m considering picking up for this. The Voc is 36.9 so with a PV Max Open Circuit of 150V on the controller I’m guessing I can put 4 in series, but it also says PV Input Voltake 36-72V DC, nominal, what does that pertain to? Any help is appreciated.


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Mar 20, 2021
I believe those are 60 cell panels and would be considered 24v nominal. 3 x 24 = 72 Yes three in series seems appropriate.

Manual looks like 600 watts would be the maximum. (note the model number S600) 3 x 235 = 705 so might be more than needed. Not sure if the 600 watt limit is a solar max or the controller will limit power at that point. At any given time the panels may not produce full rated power.

Some manuals listed here: http://www.floridasolarpump.com/solar-pool-pump-ps600/


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Mar 11, 2021
As long as you stay within the input parameters you should be fine. Says PV max open circuit is 150vdc so that's what I would try to go for. VOC of those panels is 37v each, You should be able to put 4 in series.

Now, it says 36-72vdc nominal, that's generally because the buck converter inside (for MPPT) is most efficient at that point. You could put 4 panels in series and it will work perfectly fine, and would probably work better in dimmer/cloudier conditions as you have more available voltage, the only thing would be that when the panels are outputting full power, the MPPT may not be as good compared to having only 3 in series but then again at that point the pump is probably working at full power already so there's no need for more.

Watts don't really matter, you could have 10kw of panels on it and the controller will only take what it needs. Just need to make sure the voltage is within specs.

The brochure shows the head performance with up to 900w of panels. I would just go ahead and use 4 of those 235w panels in series. Gives you plenty of overhead, especially if you're only really using it as a pool pump and don't have much lift.

Those pumps are neat. Uncle has one with a salt cell (in addition to the original 220v pump) and the 220v pump is only on when they use the heater. The solar pump is enough to maintain the pool alone. No idea which one it is or how many panels it has, may have been the 1800 model.