Lto bank with inverter


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May 4, 2022
I built a lto battery 320 amp for my rv. I got a deal locally from someone that bought rejected 48v lto batteries new cells built individually in parallel without a balancer causing them to be not charge properly. I plan on doubling the cells; same profile still using the same plates but hopefully with some aluminum coupling nuts if I can find them at a reasonable price m12 1.75. Finding it a little harder when dealing with metric sizes and aluminum coupling nuts. I still need to safe up the electrical put padding underneath and lock the top aluminum plate to the wood for bouncing. My all in one inverter/charger inverts 4000w charges 120 Amps the mppt circuit had a capacitor pop on I bought a capacitor to replace it but decided to get a different mppt with more control "Bluetooth". I installed it in a cargo trailer that I've been converting for traveling work. I don't like hotels and as a finish carpenter it generally requires a lot of travel. I'm hoping i can stay at a state or national park or in lieu of that on-site while bringing with me the amenities i wanted. I currently have 3- 315w 30v solar panels on the roof and have room to put one more if needed. Solar power is 30v inverted down to 12v. Bed has linear actuators so it folds down into a couch. My current inverter was previously powered by a giant lead acid battery, each 2.4v cell was about 70lbs and struggled to run a microwave and a mini fridge because of amperage draw now using lithium titanate powers that and a 1500w heater no problem 😊


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