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diy solar

Luxpower LXP6K combined with EG4 6000XP ?


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Mar 16, 2024
So I know both of the units are able to parallel multiple units.
I believe they are identical (other than the EG4 having the built in breakers.

Does anyone think I can parallel one of each and have them communicate ok?

I highly doubt it - but maybe? The firmware is different between the two to some degree. I'm sure the vendors would all say it is not supported, which is not necessarily the same as saying that it won't work. Personally I wouldn't do it without someone else confirming they did it successfully and didn't damage anything in the process ;)
So it turns out they have two models the SNA-US 6000
and the SNA-NB-US 6000, which doesnt have breakers. I suppose the NB means no breakers.
I paid $1299 US for it, so I guess its ok. I would have gone for EG4, but needed soon and EG 4 was backordered
I would purchase a second one of the same thing.
This way you know that it's compatible and will remain so with future updates.