Matching a 48v wind turbine to my 48v Victron setup


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Feb 22, 2022
I have a 48v lithium battery at relatively low voltages (12s nmc so 49.2v it is fully charged) which already shows that I cannot use most wind turbine controllers (because the output voltage is not configurable)
I want to experiment with a 48v 500w chine wind turbine. If it will only bring me 300w, that is fine, that is not the discussion.
Routing it through a Victron MPPT solar controller would mean it is part of the Victron eco system, which is convencient (although everything is called solar production)

What I want to do is use bridge rectifiers. Most likely 2 of them paralleled.
That way it already becomes a much higher DC voltage.
1 of the outputs goes into the Victron MPPT (a model that covers the max voltage).
The Victron MPPT I want to configure with a max current on the MPPT to match the expected output.
For example, configure 6 to 10 amp max in the settings. This is to stop the MPPT charger to search for even higher gains if I know the windmill cannot deliver.
Then, on the second bridge rectifier output, have some simple PCB which enables a dump load when the DC voltage gets too high. Possibly even short it.
The reason to use two bridge rectifiers would be that I can short it as a brake, without shorting the mppt terminals, because it will probably not like that.

Then, I would want to size the dumpload.
Shorting it can cause it too melt down I think, especially in storms. So I probably only want to manually short it if I want to disable it? (preparation for a storm or something)
So then, it would be better to have a dumpload exceeding the power output of the windmill.
It will be a 500w windmill, so I could choose anything higher than that.
Of course I will have to calculate it according to resistor value, because the rectified voltage is much higher than 48v. But I am guessing I can use some 48v dc heater, or just use 2 in series to be sure they can handle the voltage.

Does this make any sense?

And if I want to add a fuse, I should add it between the rectifier and the mppt solar controller. If it makes sense at all to fuse it at the wind turbine side.


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Feb 20, 2022
i would add a switch that would manually? short the output of the wind turbine...then first dump to the resistor and after it has slowed down, turn the switch to stop the wind turbine. then pray that the wind doesn't exceed the turbine capacity. but i only got this from an australian youtube video.