Maximum charging current calculation in series/parallel


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For an independent charger driven off of a generator, I am slightly confused about calculating the maximum amps I can send to the batteries.

The batteries can take 30% of C20 - which is 230ah in this case.

However, I have these batteries wired in parallel for a total of 460ah, and so this is where I run into some confusion.

According to this link I would calculate 30% of 460ah yielding a maximum current of 138 amps. I'm assuming this would only apply in bulk stage, but the highest current charger I've seen is like 90 amps.

Is this correct?


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What is the maximum charge current on your BMS? I've seen several 100a BMS that there charge current is only 50a


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You are correct when you are wiring in parallel and basically making your battery capacity twice as large - it will handle twice the rated charge current of a single one.

The amount of current you can supply in the bulk stage is usually dictated by just how large of a charger you can purchase. Choose one that doesn't exceed the battery specifications, like 0.3C or whatever it is you are using.