Micro Inverter Sizing


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Sep 19, 2021
Hello Solar Community,

I am currently working to design and size a grid tied solar system with a local installer. We have finalized the plans and now are working on the micro inverter and panel set up and I have a decision to make regarding the micro inverter to be used. The installer has mentioned that they can upgrade the system from an Enphase IQ 7 + to an IQ 7 A at no additional charge. The question I am having is, does the IQ 7 A have any downside if I choose to go with this inverter vs the IQ 7 +. I am looking at utilizing REC Alpha 365W panels. I do have an option to upgrade the panels to LG 375W panels, but this upgrade does have a cost increase. I entered my information on PVWatts and the different DC/AC ratios for either of the 2 micro inverters does not reflect a large difference, you could argue that it is negligible in terms of AC Power Output. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You