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diy solar

Monitoring Bluetti Systems

I own an AC500+2xB300S and I am interested to find the Registers for the PV2 Input Values
Since the current app now has a separate page to display the PV1+PV2 Input power and voltage I thought that it might be possible to find the proper registers.

Therefore I started the Logging function and connected the bluetti App via Bluetooth to the AC500 and displayed the PV1+PV2 infos page in the app and took some screenshots each time after the values in the display changed.

I have been working a little with modbus TCP, but I am to far away to decode the values in the log.

Anybody has got more experience and is interested in the log+screenshots ?

UPDATE: I just checked the Time in the Log and in the screenshots.
The strange thing is that there was no logging dhappening during the time I was connected via Bluetooth from the app. Only from before.

Question: Do I have to connect from the App via the Bluetti Server instead of Bluetooth ?
I thought the logging captures the Bluetooth traffic between the AC500 and the App while the app is connected via Bluetooth ?
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