Monitoring / Data collection utility for Renogy controllers


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Oct 12, 2021
I recently started building a little solar setup in my lockup, and happened to come across this forum when looking at ways to collect data from the Renogy Wanderer controller I bought. My plan was to get the data in to my home automation system (Home Assistant).

I found quite a lot of useful information here and decided to build my own data collection utility, it takes the data from the controller and publishes it to a MQTT bus that Home Assistant (or anything else that can use MQTT.. e.g Grafana) can use.

It's open source and available on GitHub here:

It's currently running on a Raspberry Pi Zero that is connected to my controller and seems to be working quite well.

I'd love to get some feedback and see what people think!


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Sep 29, 2021
I'll look to give this a try for sure. I've just setup me new small system and have an extra Rasberry Pi B+. I just need to get a Renogy controller.