multiplus new style vs multiplus compact

SV Lyric

New Member
Oct 11, 2021
Hi All,

I'm in the design phase still for a sailboat LIFEPO4 system using a built up diy battery with most likely a REC active BMS.

My question is with the Victron Multiplus. There appears to be two models of almost identical specs one with a plastic looking case vs metal (considering 12v 1200 or 1600). The metal case is the Multiplus compact. The only spec differences that jump out at me is the compact is metal, smaller in most dimensions and charges the starter battery at 4A vs 1A.

Am I missing something bigger? Are the connectivity options the same?

Components I am looking at using:

REC Active BMS

Multiplus 12v 1200 or 1600
Cerbo GX
GX Touch 50
Smartsolar 75/15 mppt
Orion 12-12-30 dc dc charger

BLS 3.2v 200A cells