My EVE LF280K 8S 24v build

Diesel Pro

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Jul 21, 2021
Cells arrived today from Amy Zheng/Jenny Wu @ Docan. Ordered 12/22/21. They "shipped" on 12/24/21. I say "shipped because that screwy deal where the label is created but the package hasn't entered the system yet. The actual ship date that they hit the TX UPS system was 12/27/21 with an expected delivery of 12/29/21 which I thought to be quite optimistic considering typical UPS ground is at least 3 days if not 4 from TX. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived 12/29/21 as expected. Temps have been single digits around 4°f this morning rising to 10°f so needless to say they need to stand to warm up before I can start to top balance them. Voltages all dead nuts 3.294. I expected the cases to be kind of sucked in concave being cold and all, but they vary a good bit and don't lay flat on each others edges so there is some bulge.

My plan is to use a pair of squeeze type bar clamps with some shelf liner in between. Pull them snug and run fiber strapping tape around them in groups of 4. I will arrange in a block configuration and probably put in a Milwaukee Packout box or similar. Probably use the provided busbars and just redrill and cut one short at 52mm to make the jump from group to group. I'm quite intrigued by these flexible ones though: