My Growatt SPF 500TL HVM does not charge the battery


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Sep 24, 2021
Two days ago, (after about almost two weeks since installation), my Growatt SPF 5000TL HVM-WPV started showing warning indicator code 19. From the manual, it says "battery disconnect".

The battery is a Rosen...48v, 4.8KW. Its voltage is now completely low and the inverter doesn't charge it. Was charging previously though. Note that I don't have solar panels connected to the inverter yet. It's currently connected to grid power AC. Power from Grid comes in as AC input. The picture below shows when I first got it installed and was working. You can see the green State of Charge light on the battery. Now, the battery doesn't turn on at all. And like I said, the voltage is completely low.


Also, the battery terminals on the Growatt inverter show very low volt measurement (.009)just like the battery. My guess is the invert isn't charging the battery. What doesn't make sense is how the battery drained suddenly.
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Dec 8, 2020
Wow, at 0.09 volts you are at serious death ranges for a lithium battery that is supposed to operated nominally at 48V. It could be that the battery died or got irreparably damaged, then the Gwatt is unable to charge. The Gwatt should have had a low voltage cut-off where it shuts down all load supply and stops inverting (minimum 35v). It could also be a problem with the inverter itself: Gwatts are not really not reliable machines. I see you have a Gwatt WiFi dongle. Were you logging the installation' data in Gwatts portal? If yes, do you have data for the days leading up to the failure?