My Sol-Arc inside stuff-inverter and battery and other items-photo heavy


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Apr 9, 2022
I got this up and running on November 3rd 2020 with one 7.5kw Hab 2 Kilovolt battery-from alt-e store-actually picked it up in Ukiah Ca as they have a west coast warehouse there. That battery had screen issues soon afterwards and they gave me a new Hab 3 version in the spring so I also bought another as sale and free shipping was on. So last spring I installed two batters for 15kw total both Hab 3 Kilovolts. I installed later a smart load breaker box to my solar water tank (80 gallons-far away) The Sol arc if it has extra power feeds that smart load one of the features I really like about Sol Arcs. That water tank is also working with my hot water (SHW) as a preheat tank from 2 4x8 panels on the roof and that all feeds into Nat gas water heater. Anyway I recently added the Tigo optimizers to y 24 400 watt Jinko ground mount array. I have yet to turn on that date cloud system yet until I wire that circuit to my 12kw standby generator so it always has power so the array does not get turn off on a power outage as this building that all solar stuff is in is off that circuit .When the gen kicks on solar does not feed the house as that auto transfer switch knocks out that supply line.
I also have a tight space as you can see and have small old (salvaged bulldog circuit box) stuffed in corner to feed this small 8x18 outbuilding fully installed with windows and sleeping loft. (never used)
Today I ordered another Hab 4 battery on sale and will pick it up in Ukiah next month I have one battery about 7 feet away from the other one and they both have #1 wire (cable from Battery Cable USA) had them make the up from premium materials . I'll order 2 more soon at 10 feet to match all cable lengths . The 6x6 boxes in photos are mu combiner posts neg and Pos are in separate boxes labeled and 2/0 that is 2 feet long is feeding sol arc from the boxes . I have room to add another battery connection in each combiner box But may have to jump up to 3/0 cable size (any feedback on this as I have not checked specs yet but 3 batteries at 150amp hours each is a lot) The other battery will sit about 4 feet away. This space is always cool and I store all by dive equipment as there was no ozone in that space until the Sol arc went in. It puts out a small amout of heat now and then but is minimal .
I decided just to cover the battery cables
with loom and will get them stuffed into some hard protection soon as they are behind some racks most of the time.
Its small space and its framed full but functions well
So roast away with any comments .
I labeled most conduits for the future user when I;m dead.
the 1st two shots are the from a year ago-the last 3 are very recent after the Tigo box went in-as the web service is a few feet away.


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