Naming a BMS (JBD / Overkill / Currentconnected)


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Dec 12, 2020
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Many of us have come to appreciate the value of the JBD BMS that is offered by Overkill Solar, Current Connected, and by JBD Alliexpress page.

Some of us have also fielded multiple of these units. They are great, but it can become confusing if you can't figure out which unit you are talking to. For example, if you have three parallel battery packs each managed by the JBD BMS, they all look the same when you try and bring up the app on Android (and maybe for iPhone, for all I know).

Just today I discovered the solution to the issue, for us Android users of multiple JBD BMS's.

On the "App Settings" page, there is an entry for "Device Model". This is actually the name that is displayed when you first bring up the App on you android phone. You can edit this field, but be aware. It is length limited. Best to delete the whole current entry and put in what you want. Don't try to add on to the default entry, as it may use all the characters in the string. Hit save, and you should be able to see your device as intended when you bring up the app next time!
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Aug 12, 2021
This did help me a lot, thanks. Note that it also saved the name to the BMS, so the new name showed up on my iOS device (even on the free version of the app) that I sometimes use to monitor the packs. Just had to connect it and disconnect it for it to show up.
Now I don't have to try to keep trying to memorize the MAC addresses!


Apr 24, 2020
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Should you randomly pick a BMS from the list in the app, the Bluetooth "dongle" will light up blue when it becomes active. That's another way to confirm which BMS you're communicating with.