Need help on my 48V BMS similar to the one Will showed on Building a 48v LiFePO4 Battery w/ $72 Bluetooth BMS


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Hi guys,
I got a 48V 7S-16S 320A BMS

similar to the one on Will's video.

I followed the instructions and hooked up all the wires. Voltmeter on the battery bank read 50.1 V, out from the BMS reads 42 V... I turned the BMS on by using a 18630 battery, the BMS beeped a few times, now the voltmeter read 45 V. I did what Will did, I twist the wires together... but Im slowly loosing voltage and after about 30secs, the BMS shuts off... does anyone have the same problem? does anyone have any suggestions how to get the bms working?