Need help on small solar system


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Oct 21, 2021
I have an Ecoflow Pro that has a built in smart controller that is both PWM and MPPT. It can accept 25V 12A Max into its system. I have two Sharp Solar Panels - ND240QCJ. The Voc is 37.5 V per panel and the Isc is 8.75 A per panel. 240 Watts each if I am right. I got these to have overhead for cloudy day but am concerned that they are overkill for the Ecoflow and would destroy or damage the expensive unit. Can I still use them both together? Will the Charge Controler handle it, overheat or shut down? Would series be best in this situation as my panels are about 25 feet away from the unit? Lots of questions I know but definately need some help so as not to destroy my potential setup. Thanks for reading and considering.


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Aug 14, 2020
What does the specs say in the SCC? Sometime there is an over current limit for panels, or max amperage, or overpanel by XX% listed?

Without that, I ovepanel my 15 amp 75 volt Victron SCC, which is MPPT. I put 600 watts of panels on it for a 24 volt setup which the SCC made maxes out at around 400 watts Of output. I also do this on a single SCC and for a small setup that is “back up Power” or “Other” power and not used every day.

That exceeds what Victron says, but I have no idea what would happen to your SCC.