New 6.6k system with 13kwh battery


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New system design/thoughts

I am thinking of implementing a system that is grid tied, with feedback to off set the bill.

I want an inverter/charger PV (around 6k) that will charge a 48v 280ah battery to start with.
The battery charge must have priority then feed back to the grid once battery are at float voltage.

then with a separate 3k 48v grid tie inverter with limiter to monitor the draw from the grid. Only produce what is required by the household from the battery’s ( basically at night)

I currently have a 6k grid tie over system that during the day puts about 6kwa back into the grid on a winters day, up to 16kwa in summer.

I want to leave this system as is and add a new system as mentioned above.

does anyone know if there is a single unit that will do this? And or any one that has done a system similar to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.