New and hoping for some guidance on split phase with 2 Growatt inverters

Ecuador John

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I'm currently trying to buy the equipment I need in Europe to take to Ecuador to build a solar system there.
I want to use 2 Growatt SPF 5000 ES in parallel. They are of course 240V and in Ecuador they use 120V.

I understand that I could either attach a transformer to go from 240 to 120V or that each inverter could do one phase and then from that I get split phase 120V.

I am a complete beginner and do not understand what that means (each inverter could do one phase and then from that I get split phase 120V), can anyone explain how to do it or guide me to a video where I can see how it works.

Many thanks in advance!
Best, John


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... Unless I am mistaken after reading the specifications, you won't be able to use the Ecuador grid as AC input to charge your batteries, and even if you're offgrid or if having grid charging available doesn't matter to you, these units will not produce split phase 120v power, even in parallel. You would require a step down transformer.

Have you considered using a different model which adequately sized and produces 120/240 split phase without the need of the transformer?
SPF10000 DVM only accepts 240v AC input for grid charging, but has 120/240 split phase output and the same capacity as 2 SPF 5000ES in parallel (although the DVM has a lower solar array input voltage limit)

The main advantages of these ES models seems to be their low cost and high solar/DC input voltage rating when you only need 230v output.
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Ecuador John

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Thanks for confirming that Robert. That's what I thought but someone's comment under a David Poz video on Youtube threw me as they suggested it was possible.
I'll look in to the SPF 10000 DVM and see if it's available before we leave for Ecuador.
Thanks again and all the best!