New Member From The Pacific Northwest


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May 10, 2020
Pacific Northwest
Greetings from the Seattle area. I'm looking to learn how best to approach my solar project from the expertise here.

One roadblock I'm hitting is that installers tend not to want to install your parts. Typically they only want to install complete systems they design and source the parts for. I can understand if that's their business model. So my challenge is to get the pieces of my project I need help with done 'some other way'.

For example, can a roofing contractor install solar panel racking systems on my roof? So far I haven't found any (but have just started that search). Similarly, can an electrician install the cabling from the roof to the garage, next to the main electrical panel? If I can get these two parts done I can take over from there.

I have no intention (currently) to grid tie, it would be just filling up some LFP batteries and charging my EV from them through an inverter. I'm already doing this now, it's just that the two panels I have are in my back yard as opposed to on the roof. Looking to improve the integration with the house. Eventually I may have a subpanel installed and power selected branch circuits from the system (once my production capacity exceeds what I can use just charging my EV).

Thanks for your help!