New member with some questions


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Sep 5, 2022

I'm new here.
Currently have a 3200Wp solar setup with a 3000W SolarEdge inverter.

Because of energy prices I'd like to start building a powerwall while staying tied to the grid.
I can get good quality electric scooter batteries very cheaply, but those are 17S, which should be 60V or so.

I'd like to buy a 60V capable hybrid inverter but to my knowledge those only exist for big commercial applications.

So for now I'm going to charge the batteries using a smart switch controlled by homeassistant when the excess power generated from my pv setup reaches charger power * 2.

After that I'll use the batteries in a offgrid-like way by carrying them to the devices I want to use and attaching a 5000w peak inverter to them.
I'll use it this way untill I can find a reliable 60V hybrid inverter.

In this "mobile" setup I am also trying to charge my electric car with the 5000W inverter. My car has a 1500w charger (very slow) and the inverter can handle 2500w continuously.

It does seem like a hassle, but with less than €100/kWh in batteries I'll take it.

I could also start a 48V powerwall by re-using cells from my electric car that have around 80% of life left in them.