New setup for all electric appliance RV - request for comments and questions


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Feb 17, 2020
I'm new to the forum but been reading the book and watching a lot of stuff online. I'm looking into a conversion of a box van to a camper with an induction cooktop and electric convection oven. As I'm an IT guy there will be also some electronics to charge and run.

I was looking into a 48v setup. I'm aware that there won't be many appliances available for 48v but I can put stuff like lights and USB charger in series + run step-down converts. The big loads will be running off the inverter and so I don't have to mess around with high currents.

As for the inverter, I think Hob + Oven will push 3000w but I do like those MPP Solar all-in-one systems so It'll most likely be a 5000w one and 150Ah, 48v for the batteries.

Namely the following:
A Daly BMS (I will put the batteries in an insulated, heater box so no low temp cut off needed)
MPP Solar PIP5048MK AllInOne Inverter:
3x 335W Solar Panels in series
-- VMPP: 37.05, Voc: 45.15 V x 3 they're just within the voltage limit of the inverter and still under 10A

These are the big components. I'm ignoring cables and step down converters for now.

A few questions:
- As those inverters tend to have loud fans. It looks like the MK version has a detachable display that can be extended with an RJ45 cable without buying the separate display kit. Has anyone tried that? In that case I could mount the inverter in a box and still wouldn't loose control over it.
- Can I put multiple step down conveter in paralell for higher power or do I have to keep 1 per circuit?
- Any idea how I could hook up additional alternator charging? Do I need a 2nd charge controller or does it make more sense to go the inefficient way of an extra inverter attached to shore power coming from the alternator?

I'm in Europe so the inverter needs to be 230V btw.

Thanks a lot!
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