New to this DIY Solar System Forum, but really enjoying myself.

Glen D

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First off, a big thank you to Will Prowse for his informative YouTube channel. I am recently retired and finishing up a cargo trailer conversion for my travels and photography habit. I purchased a good quality 6 x 12 cargo trailer, stripped the interior, insulated it and finished it to my design. I am going to start off with a 400 watt solar array, (4-100 watt panels) and a 12 volt, 200AH Lithium Iron Phosphate battery see how I get along with it. I am a retired manufacturing and automation engineer, comfortable around much higher voltage, 3 phase, industrial electrical systems, but never had any previous experience with small solar power systems. My trailer interior is just about done, and all my solar power supplies are starting to deliver, so I will be well into this experience in the next few weeks. Looking forward to a new learning experience and new adventures post CoVid. I know I will have a great resource with Will and this forum.


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Sounds like a great project... have fun with it! I'm no electrician, but have found it really satisfying to plan and build a working system that does what I need, and some of what I'd like!