Newb Here - Off-grid with Bluetti EB150


New Member
May 3, 2021
Hi All,
I have a small off-grid cabin that I'm currently powering with a Bluetti EB150. I have a 200w fold-out panel that I use to keep it charged, but it's annoying to move around. I'd like to instead put panels on my corrugated metal roof. I just ordered 3 Newpowa 160w panels. I should be able to put them in series and remain below the EB150 max voltage, wattage, and amps. I keep the Bluetti in a small shed about 10 feet from the cabin. There's an AC plug in the shed that connects to the cabin and powers a handful of LED lights and outlets.

Now my question: What kind of conduit do I need to run from the solar panels on the roof to the shed. With an array this size, do I need to use conduit at all if the wires are not going into the cabin? Or can I keep them exposed (as I do with the fold-out panel)? No conduit would obviously make the install easier, but I want to make sure it's safe.

Thanks for indulging my new question.