NEWS ? Lion-Energy now produces "The Sanctuary" LFP Power Walls


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Hi Folks,

I was just perusing some of the Solar/PV Tech sites and came across a write up on Lion Energies new LFP Powerwalls which I hadn't even realized were available yet but Low & Behold they are. The Specs are Respectable but pricing is not known at this time....

For anyone interested, here is some quick info.


8kW Inverter/Charger with 13.5kWh Energy Storage. Now you can power you residence in emergencies and during peak cost times, providing power for your family and cost savings to your wallet.



8kW Inverter/Charger with 27kWh Energy Storage. Add extra energy storage capacity to the Standard Lion Sanctuary Lithium Energy Storage System.



8kW Inverter/Charger with 40.5kWh Energy Storage. Need even more energy storage capacity? Upgrade to Premium to provide maximum capacity.


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Nice, UL listed:

Safest on the Market
Meets the most stringent safety protocols: UL9540, which includes UL1741 for the inverter and UL1973 for the battery (lithium iron phosphate or LiFePO4).