off grid home system - comments on some details...


Mad Scientist
Mar 1, 2021
Florida --> Belize off grid
I am pretty comfortable with the system on the right (rooftop panels, inverters, battery, etc.
I am also pretty comfortable with the little remote power system on a 20' container for outdoor power.
It makes sense to put the generator in the ventilated container and it makes sense to also use the remote system as critical backup for the house.

Autotransformers are for load balance and to convert the EU style inverters to US style split phase (the EU inverters have the desired PV capability at the desired price point).

Option 1 - gen into remote inverter and that feeds one of the paralleled inverters in the house, but this would require some automated load shed.
Option 2 - conduit the gen into one (or more if high enough power) of the inverters, still should load shed, but if it is manual start gen, then loads can be manually shed.
Option 3 - generator or remote inverter feeds critical load panel through an ATS

pro's and cons?